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Rent A Car In Phuket :

Taxis and tuk tuks are plentiful in Phuket and useful if you just want a quick ride between beaches or
to Phuket Town or the Central Shopping Mall for example. Some people say they are all a rip off, but
the local bus service, while cheap, is slow and does not go between beaches. Average tuk tuk fares
from Karon will be about 250 Baht to Patong, 350 to Phuket Town. Some people like to negotiate with
a tuk tuk for an all day hire and drive around the island a bit. We think car hire is a better option, or
motorbike hire. Roads are good, just be aware that people here do not drive like they do "at home",
especially the bikes. There are lots and lots of scooters, and they will drive on both sides of the road,
pull out of junctions without looking, drive the wrong way etc.. Just keep an eye on them and it's safe.
Renting a car means total freedom to explore Phuket island and find some of the more out of the way

The main roads on Phuket are generally in good condition and well marked with signs in both Thai and
English. The mountainous terrain limits the number of roads that cross the island east to west so at
times you will be taking a roundabout trip to your destination. Going from Patong to Phuket Town
takes about twenty minutes, and in less than an hour you can reach just about any point on the

Cars and jeeps can be rented at numerous locations around the island. A valid international driver's
license or a state license from one's own country is all that is required. Rates begin at 700 baht per
day with unlimited mileage. You pay for the gasoline. Most major hotels are serviced by Hertz and Avis
car rental companies.

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