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Why invest in Phuket?

Phuket is undoubtedly becoming the new playground of Asia and although a small island (550
kilometres square) has every modern amenity including, international hospitals and schools, modern
infrastructure and roads, broadband communications, beautiful beaches and landscape, the finest
hotels and restaurants, international shopping malls, friendly welcoming people, relaxed living and little
crime, and last of all a warm climate all year around. Several new marinas and golf courses are also
being built.

Information provided by : SIAM REAL ESTATE

Phuket Villas

Foreign Ownerships :

The Phuket Asialand Projects are offering 2 types of ownership. Some selected foreign individuals have
the opportunity to aquire a freehold or condominium ownership. Different possibility of ownership is
the lease hold ownership.

Free Hold or Condominium ownership :

Free Hold or Condominium ownership means that there is a 100 % ownership for life and the
apartment will be registered under the buyer(s) name(s). The registrations at the land department for
free hold ownership is ca. 6.7 % of the purchase price.

Lease Hold Ownership :

Lease Hold ownership is a long term lease ownership of 30 years. This thirty year period can be
renewed for 2 more lease periods of 30 years. Except for legal costs such as registration cost at the
land department there will be no additional costs. The registration cost at the land department is ca.
1.5 % of the purchase price.

Purchasers or Owners of the 'Surin Apartments' Project can expect a high return on investment (ROI),
as we will use all our efficient marketing channels. ROI of 6 - 10% a year are expected according to
our marketing research.

Information provided by : PHUKET ASIA LAND

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