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The Phuket Dragonboat Club is established to promote dragonboating on Phuket island with FREE access to the Phuket community. The dragonboats are an amazingly great way to bring people together and to promote a healthy lifestyle for all participants. Whether you are young or old, thin or slightly overweight, male or female, whatever you are welcome on board a dragonboat and we try hard to ensure that on every occasion that you paddle you get a lot of fun.

Sponsorship opportunities abound and we are delighted to have hotels, newspapers, internet companies and drinks companies sponsoring our community events and monthly regattas.

Regattas attract large groups of people and their total involvement. Often there are teams who are in fancy dress or collecting monies for charities. Our dragon boats are oftensponsered for many good causes. Commercial advertising is to be found on our dragonboats and they are in the public eye, in newspapers, television and the boats are even used by organisations that promote travel and tourism. We welcome companies that want to help us offer quality dragonboat regattas and who want to offer sponsorship and organisational expertise.

Our Phuket Dragonboat Festival will run in November 2012. We are actively looking for major companies like Coca Cola to help make this an enormously successful inaugural event. The festrival will attract teams from all over the world and will create a huge spectacle on the lovely Nai Harn Lake. If you think your company or hotel might like to be involved or if you want to meet the organisers to find out more about the Phuket International Dragonboat Festival please feel free to contact us. Why not check out our sponsorship opportunities (see below)?

The Phuket International Dragonboat Festival which will have between 20 and 40 teams participating and we expect an audience of 3-5000 people. This Dragon Boat Festival will take place at Nai Harn lake. Buoyed up by the tremendous support and community spirit of our last large scale event we have been working on realising our ambitions. We are intending to ask TAT to sponsor us yet again and as we have ofetn found are very supportive of our projectsfully supportive of our aims. Our objective now is to find a Title Sponsor and several Major Sponsors as well as Media and Party Sponsors. These sponsors will see the potential, the excitement and the community benefits of supporting this repeatable sporting and cultural event.

We see the site at Nai Harn lake as a huge opportunity to bring a 3 day festival to the island. Besides the huge number of participant teams and audience taking part in The Phuket International Dragonboat Festival we see this as a chance for Phuket to show off its qualities. Entertainment, music by the lake, fireworks, traditional Thai dancing, modern dance, classical and jazz music at twilight and of course a Thai Pop concert with local bands such as Job to Do. The carnival atmoshere can be developed with fancy dress costume parades, children performing on stages and ahost of cultural activities that would entertain all.

Dragon Boating is a mass activity with the emphasis on bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in an activity that sows the seed of fellowship and cameraderie. Dragon boating is the epitomy of Sport for All. Nai Harn lake is a place where we can forge existing relationships with local people and bring them both business and a community event that will be hugely popular. Our annual regatta the Phuket International Dragon Boat Festival(PIDBF/ November 2012) is our main Competition and sponsors may wish to review the opportunities offered in the following:

Benefits are numerous and are stated in the contract.

Phuket Dragon Boats is looking for support from companies and individuals with vision and energy. We are at the start of something extraordinary. We need sponsors who recognise the 'big picture' and will help us to realise and form it. Our sponsors will be our active partners.

The question we pose is "Do you want to be part of it?"

If you do contact us.

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