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Yacht Charters Phuket :
live-aboard holidays
day sailing,
RYA certificate
courses and charters.


Events Phuket
Events Phuket :
Sailing activities
events on boats sail,
power, paddle and
dragonboats in Phuket


Yacht Racing
Yacht Racing :
Phuket and the surrounding
area is host to many
sailing regattas
and races.
Jump on board with
Sail in Asia!


Sail In Asia
Sail In Asia :
Sail and marine-based
company specialising
in events,
yacht sales,
sail and power
boat training,
charters and racing
in and around
the Phuket area.


Sail In Asia Training
Yacht Training :
Sail training from
recreational through to
professional training
accredited by International
Yacht Training and
power boat
in Phuket, Thailand.


Yacht For sale
Yacht Sales :
Sail and power boat
brokerage in Phuket,

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Sail In Asia Trainiing

Dragon Boat Survivors

Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Teams

-To introduce Breast Cancer Survivors to the sport of dragon boat racing with the aim of improving
their general physical and psycological fitness and so aiding their recovery

-To show these survivors that physical activity and fun exist after cancer

-To provide a healthy and inspirational image.

-To provide a support group of positive, optimistic, dynamic friends.


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