Training and Keep Fit

Every week we run a session where we run keep fit and training sessions on the lake. We also have access to dragonboats at Ao Yon beach and we can do monthly trips where we paddle to Ko Lon for a picnic lunch and then paddle back. These long distance paddling passages are excellent opportunities to get exercise and to build stamina. Dragonboating is an aerobic exercise that is perfect for weekly keep fit sessions and will improve cardio vascular activity if well managed.

The Phuket Dragonboat Club seeks to promote participation in the sport by providing a monthly regatta which is ideal again for fitness and then regular weekly sessions to maintain and develop your skills. These events are free to Phuket Dragonboat Club members but not orgainisations or companies.

The Dragonboat Race Master is a high level course aimed at training helms who will carry fully loaded boats of 22 persons and with full dress of tails, heads and drums. The Dragonboat Master is able to control a two ton loaded boat and steer it in close proximity with other dragonboats. The skills required for doing this are considerable so our initial Dragonboat Cruising Helm course is vital as is the 10 hours of helming that are required before becoming eligible to take the high level Dragonboat Race Master. Again these courses are ideal for all round fitness. Why not join us and become a member of the Phuket dragon Boat Club for FREE.

Our monthly regattas program is designed to give outside teams opportunities to compete with the teams from the Phuket Dragonboat Club. We want you tobecome involved in the spirit, the fun and the cameraderie of the sport too.

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